Moorings Brokerage Leopard 46 Review

Apr 16, 2020

Learn more about our Leopard 46 model in this review written by one of our expert agents who lives in the BVI and works at our largest base in the world.

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Moorings Brokerage Leopard 45 Review

Apr 14, 2020

The award winning Leopard 45 made a big splash when she launched in 2017 and won the Boat of The Year Award. Now she is a popular model in high demand, one of our agents that has been working with Leopards for many years reviews this boat here:

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Boating and Sailing Terms Explained

Apr 10, 2020

Sailing has its own language. And it can be confusing.  So, beyond knowing that the pointy end is the bow and the square end is the stern, what else is there to know…

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Moorings Brokerage Leopard 58 Sailing Catamaran Review

Apr 08, 2020

 As the flagship of the Leopard line, the Leopard 58 is expertly crafted by world renowned Robertson & Caine. This luxury catamaran stays true to the sleek and innovative style that has made Leopard Catamarans so popular, while offering new...

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Moorings Yacht Brokerage Leopard 48 Review

Apr 06, 2020

My clients often ask the question of which Leopard Catamaran model I would purchase if money were no object. My answer is always the same… the Leopard 48 Sailing Catamaran. After sailing a few thousand nautical miles on many different Leopard 48s...

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Hurricane Repair Process on Tortola Moon

Apr 03, 2020

What goes into repairing a hurricane damaged boat?

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Moorings Brokerage Leopard 47 Powercat Review

Apr 02, 2020

An in depth review of the Robertson & Caine - Leopard 47

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Moorings Yacht Brokerage Leopard 51 Power Catamaran Review

Apr 02, 2020

Our Leopard 51 Power Catamaran has proven to be a popular model among customers and the industry. See this review written by one of our expert sales agents.

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What comes with the purchase of a Moorings Yacht?

Apr 22, 2019

Product Details

What is included in the purchase of your pre-owned Moorings yacht? Find out here from an experienced sailor! 

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