What if the boat I want has been damaged?

Don't let damage scare you away from a catamaran you are interested in. Find out in this article how The Moorings handles damaged yachts. 


What if the catamaran I want has been damaged? 

It is an inevitable fact that any used yacht will have some form of damage since new.  Unlike buying a yacht through other brokerages, we do not shy away from damage, as we repair your Surveyors recommendations to the standard of both you and your surveyor.  This is a huge benefit as a buyer, as unlike providing a cost discount due to the visible area of damage, we will repair the area and often in the process discover another hidden area that may need attention.  New parts will be fitted when needed, and we are confident that you will be satisfied by the high standard of work at our yard and marina.  After you receive a full independent survey on your intended yacht, we take the survey and turn it into a work list, which is signed by The Moorings/Sunsail, you the buyer, and also the seller.  When the re-fit work has been completed, we invite the same surveyor back to sign off on all the repairs.  When you next see the yacht at closing, the upgraded condition makes for a happy handover!    

Does the PO include bottom paint? 

Usually when you buy a yacht it will have fresh anti-foul paint, which is completed during the haul-out section of the phase-out.  This is a major cost saving to you as a boat owner.

Was the boat ever grounded? 

Like private yachts, some yachts have been grounded, and we keep a log if a previous repair has been needed.  It is always prudent to get a full survey done, and a decent independent surveyor can easily find evidence of grounding damage on GRP yachts.  Grounding damage falls under the phase-out, and it will repaired to standard sanctioned by the manufacturer and your surveyor.

What if I am not satisfied with the work done by the base?

If you are not satisfied by the standard of work done at the base, please let us know as early as possible, so we can be given the opportunity to rectify this.  We will also work closely with your surveyor during the more important repairs, so that the work can be signed off whilst it is ongoing, and before the repaired area gets re-covered.  We strive for quality and happy customers, so please let us know if there is something you feel we could do better.

Can you send me the maintenance log for this catamaran?

People often ask us if we can provide the maintenance logs for the desired yacht. The Moorings and Sunsail operate on different business model to other charter companies, and perform scheduled maintenance that isn’t charged back to customer. For this reason, we do not keep normal maintenance logs. What we can provide any history of significant repair to the yacht, as this shows up in the insurance files. We strive to offer total transparency, and if we are aware of any important information (such as damage claims), we will share this with you.



Richard Vass

Richard Vass first moved to the British Virgin Islands more than a decade ago, working for both Sunsail and The Moorings during this time. Richard’s family are keen sailors and his introduction to yachts began at an early age. Drawing on his knowledge of charter yachts, passion for sailing, and his local knowledge, you’ll find Richard a friendly chap who is happy to explain the brokerage process as well as help you find your dream yacht.

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