The Difference Between Moorings and Leopard

How did The Moorings Yacht Brokerage and Leopard Brokerage come about? The short answer is to fulfill the needs of the market created by The Moorings Charter and Leopard Catamarans. Leopard Catamarans and The Moorings share the same catamaran manufacturer, Robertson and Caine located in Cape Town, South Africa. R&C created catamarans that are easy to sail, maintain, and tough enough to cross oceans, in fact for many years these boats were delivered worldwide on their own bottoms proving they are as tough as they are fun. After the charter fleets were filled with these performance-driven blue water cruising yachts customers began to inquire about privately owning these robust boats and so the brand Leopard Catamarans was created. 


As The Moorings and Sunsail Charter operations expanded to what they are today, clients needed help selling their yachts after they were released from the ownership program. So The Moorings Yacht Brokerage was born. Working hand in hand with Yacht Ownership sales, we are able to provide one on one services and assist our charter yacht owners in the next phase of their ownership journey. We sell the yachts quickly so the owners do not incur the expense of owning a boat in a faraway place. While the boat is in the fleet owners do not pay for normal yacht upkeep costs, thus it is in their best interest to sell the yacht before the end of contract terms if they do not plan on sailing the vessel home. We are also able to take a Moorings or Sunsail vessel in on trade for a new vessel in the fleet, which makes charter ownership in The Moorings or Sunsail fleets a “No Brainer.”


As the years passed Leopard Catamarans grew into the strong brand it is now and Leopard owners required support in selling their used yachts. Who better to assist in the marketing of their privately owned Leopard Catamarans than the worldwide dealer themselves? Leopard Brokerage exclusively sells Leopards making our agents experts on these boats.


We are excited about the next phase of The Moorings Yacht Brokerage and continued expansion of Leopard Catamarans Brokerage on the private market as the demand increases. There has never been a better time to get out on the water and fulfil your lifelong dreams of Sailing off into the sunset. Let us help you find your perfect yacht today!


Michelle Ropiza

Michelle is a Florida native, spending most of her life living, working, or playing on the water. She has logged over 50,000 NM of offshore sea time to date. Her knowledge spans extensively throughout the entire Caribbean basin with the Virgin Islands and Bahamas as her specialty. Successfully and safely sailing her Beneteau 350 through the center of an un-predicted tropical storm is one of her proudest moments. Michelle also is an avid scuba diver, kite surfer, and a holds a student pilots license, learning on a Cessna 172. She’s an adventure seeker at heart. Her number one goal as a yacht broker is to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction throughout the purchase process and beyond.

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