What Does Moorings Yacht Brokerage Boat Phase Out Consist of?

Find out from our sales manager how used boats from Moorings Brokerage are phased out of the charter fleet and what it consists of.

What does a phase out consist of? And who’s cost?

The actual phase out period begins after the last charter has taken place on the yacht you are buying, and the yacht has been taken out of our reservation system. Generally the phase out period takes from 30-90 days depending on what other yachts are already in the cue. We strongly encourage our Buyers to engage in the services of an independent marine surveyor at their cost to participate in the phase out process with them. Surveyors can provide technical advice to you during the phase out and also act as your representative at handover. After phase out your yacht will be released in the best possible condition, allowing for fair wear and tear. This means that we will provide a yacht in sound working order where the yacht’s original inventory is matched to the yacht’s original inventory list, all systems are operational, and all Moorings/Sunsail graphics are removed.

What if I don’t like the quality of the phase-out work?

Moorings takes repair of the boats seriously this is why we have developed sound maintenance schedules and adhere to manufacturers guidelines on making repairs. At the end of the day we have to send customers and owners out to sea with their families and we are attuned to this as we want the best. If you have some questions/concerns regarding the quality of the repairs done to the yacht you should first check with your surveyor to make sure that he/she feels the same. If so, we are happy to further discuss with the phase out team manager to make sure that the repair is corrected so your surveyor will sign off as satisfactory.

Who is responsible for the boat before the phase out is complete?

The base is responsible for the care of the vessel until the phase out is completed and the boat is officially handed over to the Buyer.

How long does the phase out process last?

The average phase out process will last anywhere from 30-90 days.  This is dependent on how many yachts are in the cue in front of yours, barring any potential weather delays, and delays from parts on order.

What items are considered cosmetic items not repaired by the base?

Here are (3) examples which will be considered normal wear and tear (cosmetic):

Minor stress cracks, gel-coat voids, and surface chips that do not expose the underlying fiberglass layers will be considered normal wear and tear.

The crazing on hatches and windows from UV light is deemed to be normal wear and tear, but none will be cracked.

It must be noted that wood with a varnish finish ages and changes color over a period of time.  Sunlight will affect this discoloration to varying degrees, and this is considered normal wear and tear.

Can someone at the base complete aftermarket additions?

Depending on what equipment you are looking to add our team members can point you in the right direction to get a couple quotes so you can make your decision.

Can I contract extra work to be done on the boat prior to closing?

We don’t allow extra work to be done on the boat prior to closing as this could potentially delay the phase out process, and more importantly you don’t own the yacht yet.


Patrick Oreilly

Patrick’s childhood summers were spent sailing the coast of Maine with his father on their Lightning. It was there that his interest for sailing began. Over the next 25 years he developed a passion, not just for sailing, but also for racing. Most of his time was spent cruising/racing in Galveston Bay. However, some of his favorite sailing destinations are the British Virgin Islands, Belize, and Cyclades in Greece. Finally able to mesh his sales career with his passion for sailing, Patrick has been with The Moorings Yacht Brokerage since 2013.

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