Equipped and Ready: On Buying a Used Moorings Charter Boat

"When I decided to sell my 65-foot, ultra-light racer and get a cruising boat my family and friends could enjoy with me, I found myself looking at those charter boats I had enjoyed on vacation so much," states David Kory, owner of the 2006 Beneteau Cyclades 51.5 Ambassador, which he purchased out of the Moorings Tortola fleet in 2011 with the help of Jim Adams in our Ft. Lauderdale office. 

Kory recently wrote a review of his boat in Southwinds Magazine. In addition to discussing the features of this particular Beneteau model, Kory provides insight into the benefits of purchasing a used charter boat, highlighting the fact that these boats are "equipped and ready" as they were outfitted properly for every need a charterer could have. Kory adds: "An advantage to a former charter boat is that everything tends to be oversized, extra durable, and easy to maintain, as those are important qualities when turning boats around every week."

Since purchasing Ambassador, Kory has sailed her more than 20,000 miles, into and out of 21 countries, and across three oceans. He has hosted family and friends for floating vacations and also ventured alone on a voyage from Buenos Aires to San Francisco.

Any boat owner knows that when cruising and/or living aboard, you really get to know your boat. Kory has done enough sailing on his boat to make any sailor jealous, and he certainly is in a position to review his boat with authority.

Kory's thorough review is both informative and fun to read. Take a look at the Boatowner's Boat Review: 2006 Beneteau Cyclades 51.5. Contact Jim Adams at 954 925-4150.


Daniela Clark

Daniela is a digital project manager for our yacht sales websites. She's been in the sailing industry since her first job as a junior sailing instructor in 1996.

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