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New Owners

Eileen and Brown Councill have recently started their YouTube journey to document their lives sailing around the world. In 2020, they made the adventurous decision to leave their 4 year home in Qingdao, China to sail around the world. To make their dream happen, they searched high and low for 5 months for the right sailboat, as well as sold most of their early possessions. After much thought and decision making, they landed on a used Leopard 44 Sailing Catamaran located in St. Lucia. Sold to them by the The Moorings yacht Brokerage team, they are more than happy with their new, 'floating home.' Learn more below about their experience with The Moorings Brokerage and a personal interview with St. Lucia's Sunsail base manager. 

The Moorings and Sunsail - St. Lucia 

Brown Councill sat down with Lene Volney, the Base Manager of Sunsail Yacht Ownership's St. Lucia location. Lene has been with the company for 31 years. When asked about how she knew this was the career path she wanted, she spoke about a time she had just began working at a hotel in St. Lucia. One day, as she was debriefing a few people who had just returned after renting a Sunsail yacht, she says that they were so joyful and that speaking to them was, "A breath of fresh air." Since then, she realized customer service was where she belonged and has enjoyed moving up the in the company ever since.  The interview is as follows: 

Brown: Could you tell me the main difference between Sunsail and The Moorings Yacht Ownership?

Lene: Although they offer essentially the same product, the brands are still separate. Sunsail is considered a more fun and silly brand. Sunsail is more known for it's adventure aspect. Where as The Moorings brand is well known for it's luxury. It's a luxury brand. If you become a Moorings customer you pay more for the boat, but it's because you it includes fuel, a personal chef and a hostess. You get the whole 9 yards.

Brown: Can you tell me more about the products you sell?

Lene: At Sunsail and The Moorings Yacht Ownership we have catamarans and monohulls. Monohulls are more sailing boats, especially if you enjoy the momentum of sailing and the fast pace. Catamarans are more stable and there's less movement. They're more like a home on the water. We phase out about 10-15 boats a year and follow the phase out manual strictly. If you're buying a boat from The Moorings or Sunsail, you're getting a very good boat. We're not just handing over a boat that doesn't work, we're going to make sure it's ready and in top condition for you. We're also here to fix your boat if it breaks. You're really getting bank for your buck. 

Brown: Do you have any top sailing tips for St. Lucia? 

Lene: St. Lucia is beautiful. We go on a company trip at least once a year, sometimes twice. It's a fun way to experience and learn the product - we all take turns at the wheel. Anse Cochon is a great place for snorkeling. It has blue, clear water and white sand beaches. You can take a day stop or over night anchorage here. Marigot Bay is also a good one. It is the most beautiful Bay in the Caribbean. Lastly, Soufriere Bay Pitons is St. Lucia's most beautiful landmark. Going there reminds us residents how gorgeous St. Lucia actually is. 

Brown: What do you like about the Leopard 44? 

Lene: Your Leopard 44 is one of the last of its kind. When I first climbed aboard, I loved the cockpit - right where we're sitting. You can see everything from here and it's a great spot on the boat. The Leopard 44 sails very well and is a fast boat. 

The Final Takeaway 

At the end of the interview, Brown shows his gratitude toward Sunsail Yacht Ownership. He states that the team was made of "true professionals" and that it was a pleasure to work and get to know Lene and her team. Brown emphasizes that he and his wife thought there would be limited things the crew would do to help get their Leopard 44 moving, but Sunsail, "exceeded all of their expectations" and was very helpful. The Councill's Leopard 44 is in very good condition now. Brown states, "I want to encourage people not to be fearful purchasing from Sunsail and The Moorings, you'll be extremely happy with the handover. They will phase out these boats and make sure you are satisfied." 

Discover More

To discover more of Brown and Eileen's adventures and keep up with their Leopard 44, visit their YouTube page, 'BLOWN AWAY'. Watch the full video interview below: 


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