Accommodations During and After a Catamaran Purchase

How does the logistical side of purchasing a boat out of the fleet work? Find the answers you are looking for here, one of our sales agents has explored frequently asked concerning this topic. Have more questions? Contact an agent today!

Where can I stay in the BVI?

Your broker can help you find a place to stay when you go to inspect a boat by providing a list of nearby hotels that are open. Your Broker and The Base staff will also provide a list of open restaurants and recommend stores for provisioning. Our Brokers work hard to help you throughout the entire boat buying process. They are your greatest ally before, during, and after purchase.

Can I stay on the cataaran I am interested in purchasing?

Unfortunately due to liability and insurance concerns it is not possible to stay on the boat you are traveling to view. The Moorings Base is an active charter operation so we cannot interfere with it, but we can schedule showings during the day.  

Can I stay at the dock a few days to provision before my passage?

You are able to stay at The Moorings base for a few days to prepare for your journey, but always discuss with your Broker so he/she can coordinate with base management to ensure availability of a slip.  

Can you find me a dock slip on island/ in the area? Can I rent a slip from The Moorings?

Your broker will be happy to provide a current list of nearby marinas that are open. Unfortunately you will not be unable to rent a slip at The Moorings Base as it is an active charter business and does not offer transient dockage.

How long can I stay at the docks after closing?

After closing you may stay at the dock as long as you communicate with your broker concerning a temporary slip while you provision, fly in a crew, or wait for a weather window. On-site staff can help you move the boat within the marina and give directions for stores and restaurants.

Do you have a captain that can sail the boat up to the US? How much will it cost?

Yes, your agent can provide a list of competent professional Captains. You can coordinate with them directly concerning your yacht’s delivery. A captain and crew costs approximately $300 per day, plus airfare/travel/provisions. This rate could vary depending on the size of the yacht and crew.

How long does the delivery take?  

Delivery dates depend greatly on the weather, vessel, and destination. Generally our boats sail roughly 175 nm per day, the trip from the BVI to Florida usually takes around 5-10 days, your capable captain will be able to give you a delivery date based on all of the variables at play.


Moorings Brokerage Team

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